Transportation of valuable goods

The status of Customs Carrier allows us to ensure prompt delivery of valuable goods on favourable terms for our customers by means of the opportunity to avoid:

  • additional costs of cargo escorting under customs supervision (convoy);
  • unnecessary delays while waiting for the convoy at the border.

 Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR)

Our company is licensed in the field of industrial safety, which allows us to engage in the transportation of ADR goods of the following classes:

  • Class 2          compressed, liquefied and dissolved under pressure gases;
  • Class 3          inflammable liquids;
  • Class 4.1       inflammable solids;
  • Class 4.2       spontaneously ignitable substances;
  • Class 4.3       substances emitting inflammable gases in contact with water;
  • Class 5.1       oxidizing substances;
  • Class 5.2       organic peroxides;
  • Class 6.1       toxic substances;
  • Class 8          corrosive substances;
  • Class 9          other dangerous substances.

Package freight transportation

Transportation of small freights weighing up to 3 tons

We pay special attention to this line of activity, since it allows us to provide prompt delivery of goods (including valuable goods and ADR). In order to maintain this service, our fleet includes tent trucks with the volume of 33 m3 and the capacity of 13 euro-pallets.